Testimonials From Our Clients

Lisa K. - Redondo Beach, CA

 I was involved in a long drawn out custody case which I first tried to handle on my own. After a year of navigating the court system, I decided to hire Mr. Randy Brandelli and I'm glad I did. My ex wanted to drag me down by filing numerous OSCs one after the other and ridiculous motions, which I could never have handled on my own.
Randy's thoughtful and caring demeanor not only helped me get through this very difficult time, but his wisdom and courtroom skills helped me win my case and even recoup more than $13k in back child support money owed to me.  Mr. Brandelli was very professional and easy to work with in every way and I would gladly recommend him to friends and family.

Francisco J. - Central Oklahoma City, OK

  I went through a lengthy and tiring child custody battle.  Countless court dates and multiple motions were filed but Randy was always there for me and my kids.  He focused his attention and efforts to ensure the welfare of my kids.  I am very grateful as he was very strong adviser at all times that ensured a successful outcome.  I appreciate his honesty and determination, I always felt he went above and beyond expectations.

Carianne W. - San Pedro, CA


This review is long over due. I can not express enough how much gratitude I have for Mr. Randy Brandelli. His legal services and advice wildly exceeded my expectations. I first met Mr. Brandelli in one of my toughest times in life. I was dealing with a messy divorce and a child custody situation. He put my mind at ease the first meeting we had. Mr. Brandelli was very honest, knowledgeable, fair, and accessible. All qualities to have in a great lawyer. He did everything possible to avoid trials and extra costs. I always felt safe and protected having Mr. Brandelli represent me. I highly recommend Mr. Randy Brandelli to anyone going through a difficult divorce or any family law matters!

Ellen C.- Hermosa Beach, CA


Randy was a breath of fresh air after 2 different attorneys, thousands of $, and too much bs. The law is not black and white as I discovered.  I wanted an attorney who knew exactly what to do to finish my divorce as succintly and inexpensively as possible. Randy exceeded my expectations... 

Bryan G. - Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

 In my lifetime, I've had more lawyers that I care to admit.  Randy restored not only my confidence in the fact that there are still good attorneys, but more importantly my faith in the court system.  I have never seen the dedication Randy gave to me as a client. I am forever grateful!!!! 

Kari B. - Cerritos, CA


 Randy is such a good person and caring professional. He really cares about the right and good outcome of his cases, is honest about the likely possibilities, has a good rapport with opposing counsel and does his best to keep costs down. He picks up the phone and speaks with you  

Layla S. - Houston, TX


If you are going through difficult times and maybe considering a divorce and or in need of guidance for pre-nups and or child custody, you only need to know the name of one lawyer, and that is Randy Brandelli.  Randy has helped me through many difficult times.  This is an attorney that will not nickel and dime you.  He is a true professional that LISTENS and genuinely cares for his clients and well being.  You are not a retainer to him, but, a human being.  He puts his clients needs and interests first no matter what.  Randy will advocate for you and fight for you to the end.  You are a priority, and sometimes perhaps your emotions may come into play, and not only is Randy a top lawyer in his field, but, I sometimes wondered if he was a therapist as well. I seeked out Randy for his guidance for a divorce. HE DID NOT CHARGE ME for the long consultation.  He did not promote divorce, and even encouraged all avenues to be explored first, BUT, that he would fight for my rights every step of the way if and when I wanted to move forward.  I was so impressed with Randy's approach, professionalism, care and ultimate results,  that I referred him to three of my friends looking for representation.  All three were thankful for the referral as they felt relief knowing they got an experienced, compassionate, caring and tough as nails in fighting  for their rights lawyer.  You will feel very fortunate in having such competent and expert legal representation.  I highly recommend Randy.

Cierra N. - Wilmington, CA


12 years ago Randy helped my dad get custody of me when I was going through something a child never should go through.  He got the judge to hear me out and get me out of my mother's care.  When no none wanted to hear me out or my cries and pleas for help he was there with my dad to put a stop to it. And I am forever grateful Randy and what he did for my dad and I. If anyone needed a family law attorney I would recommend Randy over and over. Thank you Randy from the bottom of both mine and my dads hearts even now 12 years later we are still grateful for you.

Perry S. - Torrance, CA


Randall helped me with a restraining-order case.  He made himself available on a weekend to review the initial details.  He quoted a very fair flat rate.  He appeared well ahead of the hearing time, prepared and professionally-attired.  We sat through a settlement meeting, but I decided to have the matter heard before the judge.  I offered him a bonus incentive before the judge called us up, but he respectfully declined.  Randall fought for me and together we came out with a win.    I would have Randall in my corner any day.

Farid A. - San Francisco, CA


Randy is a good person and a great attorney. My experience with Randy was all positive.

Ian G. - Redondo Beach, CA


Worked late hours on my child custody case . I was pleased with his effort and commitment

Itika O. - Los Angeles, CA


Randy Brandelli is a stand up attorney who has helped my fiancée and I immensely. Thank you for all that you do Randy!

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Adrian R. -San Francisco,CA

 Thank you Randy for getting me the exact result that I hired you for.  I could not be more grateful. It was a tough situation and you performed perfectly.  Thank you again,